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Sound Therapy: Expand your awareness with the magical sounds and fascinating vibrational qualities of Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls.  Lie down and relax as the sounds take you on an adventure of relaxation and bliss.  Used for healing but also for pure musical enjoyment....The singing bowls can be used for simple musical appreciation either as a concert or as a sound spa - a special configuration of bowls placed around the body for optimum vibrational harmony and balancing the body.  They can be used for healing on their own or in combination with other therapies - Vanessa often plays a crystal singing bowl or two at the conclusion of a massage whilst giving the body a few moments of pure peace at the end of the treatment. 

Vanessa Beckitt has been working with the Crystal Bowls since 2004, when she completed a Certificate in Sound Therapy with the Crystal Singing Bowls. She enjoys sharing the exquisite sounds with her clients. Working with sound in a therapeutic setting means constantly learning new techniques and keeping up with innovations in sound therapy.  Vanessa has been updating knowledge with studie towards a Diploma in Sound Therapy with the Crystal Singing Bowls.

Hawaiian Massage is another incredible form of healing which you have to experience to believe!  A personal favourite for Vanessa is Kahuna Massage which is an amazingly vibrant healing form of massage which flows like a rhythmic dance, healing the body, mind and spirit.  Kahuna works with ancient techniques passed down over thousands of years, and can include the use of a diverse range of specialised Kahuna Massage techniques as well as chants. Kahuna massage can apply in either relaxation or remedial forms of massage depending on the individual needs of the client.  Kahuna Pregnancy massage is an absolutely divine treat for an expecting Mum, we have a specially made pregnancy massage table which is designed with your comfort in mind. Another Hawaiian Massage Treatment available is  Heartworks Lomi Lomi, which simply flows from the hands of the therapist, in a series of long flowing strokes which stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic systems.  It tends to be very relaxing and meditative, and gently works through all body systems providing a .

Arvigo ® Mayan Abdominal Treatments are now available at Innerji Sound and Massage.  These ancient massage techniques are very supportive of reproductive issues of many different types for both women and men.  Please look at the page relating to this incredible form of healing for further information.

Vanessa also practices Remedial Massage, Relaxation Massage and has trained in Bodytalk, Theta Healing and Reiki.  Further information is available on separate pages of the website,  I hope you enjoy visiting the Innerji Website and look forward to seeing you at Innerji sometime soon.


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